7021 8 channel analog input module (V, I, Tc, PRT & Strain)

No longer available. For information purposes only.



The Datascan 7000 series is designed to provide a simple reliable accurate and cost effective means of connecting plant sensors to standard computers for real time monitoring and data acquisition.

The 7021 Analog Input expansion module includes 8 integral 6-pole differential Input Channels, individually configurable for Voltage, 4-20mA Current, Thermocouple, Strain, PRT, and Resistance measurement.

It provides cost-effective expansion for the Datascan Measurement Processors (7010, 7320,7321) with up to 16 of these modules being added to a single Measurement Processor unit.


  • Local measurement speed up to 400 readings/sec over the network
  • Channel mix and match capability
  • Individual channel programming of sensor type and speed
  • Digital configuration permitting mix and match of analog and digital inputs
  • Compact Rugged DIN rail mounted
  • Quoted accuracies guaranteed for 12 months includes all errors
  • Direct Sensor connection for DC voltages, Thermocouples, strain gauges, RTD’s, resistance, and 4-20 mA converters
  • Inbuilt Cold Junction compensation
  • On-board energization for RTDs and strain gauges.
  • 16-bit measurement performance with 0.625µV sensitivity
  • Solid-state differential inputs
  • High Common-Mode and Series Mode rejection

NOTE: Module supports 4/5/6 wire PRTs Only. A 7021-3 module is available for 3-Wire PRT Applications but Strain and other PRTs can no longer be used.


  • No of Inputs: 8
  • Sensor Types:DC Voltage, Thermocouples, 4-20 mA, Strain, Resistance, PRT/RTD
  • Resolution:16 bits @ 40 rdgs/sec; 14 bits @ 400 rdgs/sec
  • Input Impedance:30M ohms
  • DC voltage ranges :10 V, 1.3V, 150mV, 20mV, Auto
  • Resolutions :320 uV, 40 uV, 5 uV, 0.625uV
  • Accuracy: +/-0.02%rdg+0.01%range+1bit
  • Resistance thermometers PT100
  • Strain Gauges : Full 1/2 1/4 bridge


Most major SCADA packages support Datascan and an OPC Server is also available. Please contact us for more information.