7031 16 channel isolated digital input module

No longer available. For information purposes only.



The Datascan 7000 series is designed to provide a simple reliable accurate and cost effective means of connecting plant sensors to standard computers for real time monitoring and data acquisition.

The 7031 is a 16 channel opto-isolated digital input module designed to be used with the Datascan 7000 and 7300 series Measurement processors. It is used for status inputs and low-frequency counting (10Hz) and includes onboard 5v PSU for volt-free contacts.

It provides cost-effective expansion for the Datascan Measurement Processors (7010, 7320,7321) with up to 16 of these modules being added to a single Measurement Processor unit.


  • Opto-Isolated to 240V AC RMS 354V DC
  • On board Volt Free Energisation for Contact Closures
  • Low Frequency Counter Option AC input capability (50/60 Hz)
  • LED status display of Inputs and Outputs
  • Plug in Screw Terminal Blocks
  • 240V AC RMS Overload protection
  • Compact Rugged DIN rail mounted module
  • For full specification please refer to the associated PDF file.


  • No of Inputs : 16
  • Input Signal : DC or 50/60Hz
  • Input Threshold : 1.0 < Vt < 4.0
  • Input Current : 1-2mA @ 5V
  • Overload Protection : 240Vac RMS, 354Vdc
  • Maximum Input Voltage : +24Vdc


Most major SCADA packages support Datascan and an OPC Server is also available. Please contact us for more information.