7035 16 channel isolated digital output module

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The Datascan 7000 series is designed to provide a simple reliable accurate and cost effective means of connecting plant sensors to standard computers for real time monitoring and data acquisition.

The 7035 is a 16 channel isolated digital output module designed to be used with the Datascan 7000 and 7300 series Measurement processors with up to 16 of these modules being able to be added to a single processor unit. The use of open drain MOSFETS provides the capability of switching 0.5 amp loads with up to 32 volts.


  • 16 Digital outputs
  • Opto-Isolated to 240V AC RMS, 354V DC
  • LED status display of Outputs
  • Plug-in Screw Terminal Blocks
  • 240V AC RMS Overload protection
  • Compact Rugged DIN rail mounted module

For full specification details please refer to the associated PDF file.


  • No of Outputs: 16
  • Max. On Current : 0.5A
  • Max. Off Voltage: 32V
  • Max. On-Resistance: 1 ohm
  • Isolation : 240Vac RMS, 354Vdc


Most major SCADA packages support Datascan and an OPC Server is also available. Please contact us for more information.